Feasting By a Well

Have you anything to eat?
(Why do we awaken hungry?)
“Have you any meat?”
“Have you any fish?”
“You…give them something to eat”
(Why are we so hungry and thirsty?)
(do you mean it literally…?)
And what of the meat that you have to eat that you said we know nothing about?
John 4:32
We’re not getting something
He sent us for food
Mid-day heat and glare
And now back, we see
Him chatting with that woman
A Samaritan to boot.
She leaves with new
Quickness of step.
He says He has eaten
And well
Obeying His Father’s will.
And that’s a meal?
But hold on…
We eat to restore a body breaking
To equip for mission
For reproduction
Has He been doing that
Happy and stress-free?
Yep that’s a meal
And a good one.


One thought on “Feasting By a Well

  1. anthony gomez says:

    Who…? M-m-m-m-me???
    “Yeah you…”
    But-but-but…I thought…?
    “Well you thought wrong,
    Now Get goin’!”
    “Oiiiiy vey?”

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