A Rough Day-By Jody S.

Why did they have to stray from my side?

Tears cannot extinguish the fire in my soul
To be with them again
Such an integral part of an unfair life
There to offer the love that I miss so much
Tough enough to take my pain,
Soft enough to feel my touch

I can just say I miss you
But it sounds so hollow now
Words echo in open spaces you once occupied
Deeds left undone, things left unsaid
And there was so much more to do

Can you see eyes swollen?
Have we not paid our dues?

I am seeking you now little boy and little girl
hands grasping all around me to feel you
I pray you know I am here

My heart is broken my babies
but it is not your fault
You were both more than I could have ever hoped for
Time too short
Life too short
Too special to describe in any words

Dedicated to Clooney and Peanut:

 I love you both now and always!

da clooney000_0190


3 thoughts on “A Rough Day-By Jody S.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. From one animal lover to another. May you be comforted as only the Comforter can comfort.

  2. I can’t speak for Jody but I can say just as she was besides herself in grief so too was I. Twelve years of amazing love and companionship is quite a while. These guys have always been our angels sent to teach and instruct, they guided us closer to the fount(well) of unconditional Love in ways no earthly Preacher, Pastor, Priest ever could, opened our eyes and spirit to boundless hope and possibilities without ever saying a word, or quoting a single scripture!
    But the Lord showed me something yesterday, today and in dreams that made all of it very clear. And i’m eternally grateful!
    And I will endeavor to help Jody through this as best as able.
    In all things, all circumstances God is always “Good” and can be none other.
    Thank you friends.

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