Remembrance Of Sister Anthony

(I was named by my Parents after Sister Anthony, who helped my Mom to deliver me at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Aug.3, 1959.
Sister Anthony took her name from Saint Anthony.
Saint Anthony is the finder of lost things.)


What has gone missing,
That was once and for all time “Given?”
Where has it gone?
Is it simply misplaced?
Can it be found again?
Need it be?
Steps strayed from a path retraced?
Why so put upon?
Why so trialed and challenged?
Are we searching for eye-glasses,
resting on the bridges of our noses?
Are we ransacking our own domiciles in anger and frustration,
searching for keys already securely in our pockets?
Was it not our choice to don the hats we now cannot find upon our own heads?
Why are we in the habit of searching so fiercely,
for that which has been already found?
Why seek ye’ the living among the dead?”


I intended to write this much sooner,
it was on my heart to do so and not forgotten,
it remained pending
For a time i seemed to have misplaced my pen
Mind you, I knew it wasn’t lost
but I had this momentary fear that if i didn’t write it immediately it would be lost forever..not so
And in time I would recall where I had placed it(pen)
Thanks be to God…
That this time around…
it was not my faith, hope, trust, loyalty, Love, nor confidence
Even if so,
only temporal…
and by no means lost!
Anthony Gomez

One thought on “Remembrance Of Sister Anthony

  1. Yes the memory of this dear helpful woman is with you, not lost. And I suspect that Spirit selected the time for the expression of this thanks. One of the witnesses surrounding us (Hebrews 11)…Doug

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