David Steindl-Rast


4 thoughts on “David Steindl-Rast

  1. the Hopkins poem cited:
    ATTENTION: When I hear the term cosmic Christ, I get nervous. Nope He is not in every soul; the hunger perhaps in part and the moral law nagging. But the indwelling Christ is the product of the New Birth: offer and acceptance and continued giving of thanks. It is through such a re-created one that Jesus plays (performs) to the Father so graciously and for the Father’s pleasure, His deeds and sayings and Body Life.

  2. I missed that. Hmmm…?

  3. Went half way through and stopped. Too much extra-Biblical material and credit. Apparently David SR could not…would not preach spiritual warfare (John 15) or radical transformation in the child of God (Romans 12). Of course this makes him endearing to the philosophes and syncretists. Sorry to see this. (Doug)

    Great and easy speaker. Loveable, but… The Bereans would be pounding the table.

  4. Christ is only mentioned here in the Hopkins poem. The rest is about virtues and supposedly universal aspirations. He cites “his Zen teacher” and poet Rilke and the Dali Lama. See how much alike we are fundamentally and without borders in this Oneness? But Jesus spoke of a sword of division.
    I am reminded of my surprise in reading the supposed classic by Brother Lawrence “Practicing the Presence of God”. Not one specific reference to the name of Jesus anywhere.

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