World Gone Mad?

Nothing new
No new horrendous thing
Just more of the same
The usual…
Technology brings into sharper focus
Saplings in a forest
We get an eyeful
of our ugly on display
there’s no denying
we all have it
Saved or unsaved
Saved wrestles with the “old man” under grace
Unsaved is the old man
wrestling with the grave
as a soul’s minimum wage
What is apparent…
is like an elephant
stuffed under a rug
to be tip-toed around
“Nothing new under the sun”
We’ve always been thus
in hypnotic trances
Every so often
More often than not
Shocked awake
by the enemy’s advances
But lethargy
As time too short passes
We are all complicit
in this together
here and “Now”
there are no free passes
One way or another
Whether removed
Or engaged
By sins committed
By deeds done
By actions omitted
There truly is no “them” to blame
Only an “us” ideal
existing only in name
Only “we” can change
But for now it seems
We are fit for only
more of the same
And yet…
Despite the obvious signs
The “US” in us
Cannot unanimously acknowledge
The “WE”
That weeps for “US” all
To Truth denied
While evil “goes viral
In a “World Gone Mad”
For all to see.
doveTo one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas AquinasGod Bless

One thought on “World Gone Mad?

  1. Blinded to truth denied. The justice statue seen in another context. And a dead black man on the street selling music CDs. Next the hot summer rage?
    Lauren and I just watched The Free State of Jones. Southern farmers and runaway slaves rebel against conscripting Reb army. Ugly hooded days for Mississippi. Excellent.
    Nothing new for sure.

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