losing Footing

Casting pearls before swine
Falling in the same trap every time
When will I learn?
Sometimes drawing near to douse fires
might mean getting close enough to burn
Can I ever learn,
Or simply designed to always burn?
Rain falls on the faithless
and the faithful
just the same
Some see “Living Water”
Some see only rain
For some…
a thing to care not,
try not…
to discern
I’ll write my own epitaph
and etch it upon a stone
“Made some laugh
some cry
some think
Caused a cause
Gave cause to pause
Broke vows
broke promises
broke laws
was amused
Given insights and wisdom
and remained confused
In the end
took no comfort
in comforting
Giving freely
only feeling rejected
and used
the one thing I’ve learned
is how to meet the devil head on
face to face
Just speak of God
to any random stranger
nine of ten times
Satan will show himself
No one will beiieve you
Cept’ Perhaps maybe one of a hundred thousand
or less…”

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