Here I Am

Should have taken You at Your Word
Hear and dare
Now and then
There were things by design and plan
planted routes, planned steps…
that seemed casually coincidentally taken or overheard
Only to be ignored
brushed aside
pebbles kicked up by the tumultuous stampeding fearful
that shook the ground
and a pebble on a shoulder was of no great concern at the time
how could I have known,
that one day those pebbles
would accumulate to become boulders?
I didn’t want to believe
railed against what was beginning in me
but You left no more room for doubt
You squeezed and squeezed
till on bended knee
thankfully, it was all wrung out
You made it very clear
Something new…
arising within
Something old…
It still brings me to tears even now
after the passage of so many years
to speak this way with You so at ease
No one but You can see where i’m hidden away
Though heart, hand and pen betray my privacy
And if anyone is listening…
reading, following along this trail of moist mystery
streaming down a page like a clue
This is how I’ve learned to speak with Jesus
These thoughts could be prayers…
Don’t know?
Can’t say?
All I can be certain of is this:
Right “here”
Right “Now”
Is simply where i shed all “self”
To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas
God Bless

Some Process

Some Process

There is a Puerto Rican truck driver in South Carolina who has moved in very close to the heart of this shipper-receiver in Waterloo County. Some process. Some how. Some way. Like the Divine moving of marbles in a refreshing game of Chinese checkers where no real brilliance takes credit for the win or loss.
And my precious kids through thankful, generous, sensitive hearts stepped into this process sending me on wings of eagles to Charleston. WOW. Such love all around. And my wife delighting in watching more blossoming marvelously in her two hatchlings, the loves of her dedicated life this side of Glory.
Thanks and thanks again!
So what is it that makes these 2 mis-matched men gather around the brilliance and brogue of Midge Ure (to name just one)?



To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas

God Bless


moon with moth

The moon is FULL

And a strange unfamiliar peace overtakes me

Banks filled to overflowing

A warm comfort roils the turmoil already within all the more

Battered by the Sea

Deception’s self-assured lines eroding

As the awash recedes…

Reluctantly drawn out into open ‘see’

Despite the struggle…the pull too strong

Set adrift no ‘sure’ in sight


Of anything

That was…

Left to stand on

Flotsam and jetsam dispersing in the expanse

Let go of everything

To tread water

Master surveys in silence

So I speak to the invisible in newfound faith

“so this…”

“this is your Shalom?”

So often written and spoken of

This stillness

This calm

Amidst the struggle a soothing balm

Tender gentle rolling swells

Undulating waves of empathy

Washing clean

Bundled up in unseen plush terry cloths of Love

Assured of being ‘sure,’ no longer afraid to serve

Behold Your Sun is rising…as I diminish

There can be no denying

Ego evaporating into mist

Carried on a gentle whisper of a breeze

Not knowing where nor when

Thoughts shall again condense into solidity

Words to rain down

And do it again

Continue to pour

Till You say “when”

Or the flesh…

no longer a hindrance


Anthony Gomez/Oneagleswings