Architectural Countdown

Ten stories high

Three stories below

seven remain

Between ‘now’

and ground level

Turn to dark

wide awake over night

under ‘lies’ beneath

Grief searches the Heavenlies

for signs of relief

in despair belying belief

Nine stories now

and sun sinking slow

Three stories below

Six to go

In the ‘now’ that never passes away

A fertile silence emerges unseen

Eight stories now

And gaining wait

by virtue espy five stories past three

rising tide

another level lost

silenced in one last gurgle

mid-breath of a song

Seven stories speak

three beneath

a quatrain remains

prophecy of the profane

metronome ticks in time

the crescendo builds

consumed in orchestrated flames

Six stories fierce

three below

below three

one level dissolves into mist

on bended knee

five stories rage

impassioned inspired

three down…

two are more than sufficient for ‘presence’

Blessed be the story…

murmured outside of the gates

Four stories of old

Three bleed as One

till next level down

Three in One

One in Three

Trumpets sound

O’ Come

O’ Kingdom Come

Lord of Lords

King of Kings

Eyes of living flames

Double edged Sword

Fields of golden wheat

bend in breezes

undulate like swelling ‘sees’

Tongues confessing


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