Freudian Slip (is showin…)

Spiders spin webs of intrigue/aroma of hot apple pies cooling on a sill/ wafting on a gentle breeze/nickelodeon penny arcade cheap thrills/you get a cupie doll if they can’t guess your weight/inheritances dissoluted by free will/stuck in traffic on a suspension span/ foundation on a fault line/ the richter measures a six point nine/hate yourself yet?/it gets better/electric blankets for bed-wetters/saved doubtful faithful hopeful contradictions of devout fretters/have i let you down yet?/pulling the plug on the party i threw in my own honor/wherever i was headed i was surely a goner/dearly departed from a Chula Vista/in la manana/ i awoke in Tijuana/praying beneath un “cielito lindo”/aye yi yi yi cantan y no llores/this makes no sense/but it does to me/what a frightful thought/”double-minded” cuts like a conviction /authors of hypocrisy and erudition/twist the biblical senses of past present and future tenses/ “un-Godly” it’s a term Christians’ love to stab each other with/ wield as a weapon followed by hearty Amens/why not try taking a stab at accepting/ that we must accept/that which we cannot explain/nor understand/Jesus is My Saviour too/leave me be/ for i am not against you/might not look or sound anything like you or you or you/i smoke cigarettes/i don’t go to church very often/i have a tattoo of a dove on a cross/in the midst of insanity/signed sealed delivered by LOVE/labeled “un-Godly” by more than one preacher or two/ i was not called by you/ nor to you/ i know My Shepherd’s voice/lived long enough to learn/many such store up wrath/ suffer a fall from Grace/ the very same so over-zealous to dictate a pace/that they themselves cannot exemplify/The Lord showed me a long time ago/ after pleading for years to him: “why do I learn so slow?”/ he gave me these words as a gift before i knew what he meant/”you are mine, I chose you for all time before time, innocent poet, different ones, for different things, are indifferent to time”/sounds strange but i see churches entering into churches/ mind you…not in the biblical sense/ i could be wrong?/manipulating symbols on a game board/ in institutions monopolies/acquiring possessing accumulating erecting idols and edifices/ decry as sacrilege the very same acts hidden from sight/ echoing across the ages’ from cob-webbed catacombs/ in sardonic sanctuaries of accursed misguided man made presumed privileges/giving succor to perverse squatters on God given properties/ how do we say Christ lives in us/when we follow after men/ who judge other men “ungodly?”/ The Lord alone knows/ whom is whose/and whom is not/ Whom He Has Chosen to re-make whole/ from shards of broken molds/in dust bowls, yo’!


To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas

God Bless


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