Broken Boulders

Bearing the humiliation and shame

Of every bully ever backed down from

Stood ground…

But did nothing

Faced down but never the aggressor

Saw fear…

In the eyes of oppressors

Not one to strike first

Two cheeks to offer

Before ever reading of any sermon on any Mount

Just seemed to know somehow

Three strikes and all bets were off

Just didn’t have much violence in me

Though it surrounded me

Closed in around me

Chased after me…

Felt no need to embrace it by any means

Words were the equalizer

Always seemed the right words

At the right times

were silent blessings given to me

and clenched fists

most times de-clenched unexpectedly

turn and walk away from a puzzled visage with a question mark hovering over it’s head

sometimes, even make a new friend

don’t think I was a coward

the thought of hurting someone simply terrified me

knew i couldn’t live with that

but all around me others did it so easily?

took sick pleasure in it

Especially within my own family

There were some hard cases

Scars, nose bleeds, guns pressed against temples, knife to throat in robberies

By God’s grace…spared

Many times over thought I was a dead man

Now it doesn’t faze me one bit

And somehow, it seems to show to observers

The keen ones…

That’s how I came to know

By the way they looked at me…it spoke to me…silently

Strange, how much everything changes

When the Lord takes away some fears

With distractions removed…

How much improved


And hearing

and still growing and learning

Funny thing…

all that time school was in session

and I never heard a bell ring?


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