One two three go!

They are gathering
the clusters of grapes, figs,olives, dates
from bowing branches
no money doesn’t…
but yes…fish do grow on trees!Son and Reign
from losses
pon’ crosses
Holy Saints and martyrs
count it all as gain

Those who have seen and heard The Living Word
have no need to boast in vanity
nor to question
each other’s sanity
regarding dreams and visions

Not to quantify
for comparison’s sake
nor seek approval of the world
No validation of same
No justification

before fear can take hold
there must first be doubts
and indecisions
Would you trust your life to the hands
of a trembling physician?

Doubt not
Only believe
Fight to defend your Faith in Christ
with the weapons
by Way of Truth and Life
and great sacrifice
that were Given to you freely
to be wielded for G-D’s Glory

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas
God Bless

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