I Think I Might Have WORMS?!

Emboldened and dared to care

Now in “nowhere” land

Words allowed to tumble in declension from fatigue

Land wherever they land

And not attempt to grasp

The unobtainable

Nor even extend a hand

“Godisnowhere” in me-(RhymaRhyma)

Separated for eternity

No need to stir a pot

No guests forthcoming to feed

Let it burn, let it rot

Let it mold turn fuzzy green black and old

This is no longer worth fighting for

None of it here and now

The fight in me has walked out

Of the “in” door

No good in me

And nothing good for

Perhaps once for a time

Not anymore…

Stand for no one or nothing

As it once was

So it is again

Alone with sin


Only to feel more lost

Than I’d ever been

So high a cost

The debt You paid

You can’t be perfect

You can’t be love

As long as I’m convinced

That I am clear evidence

Of a mistake You’ve made

And no…

This is not about You

I believe in You

Who You are

And the inkling You’ve gifted to me

Of what You do…

Feeble though that may be

This is about hot pursuit

Abandoning a damaged vehicle

For a foot chase through a dark wood

Over and over and over again

Hot breath on my neck

Will it ever end?

Respites are few and far between

How I long to fall

Into a pile of dead leaves

And leave no trace

Collapse in exhaustion where none shall hear

Too weary to persevere…

Succumb to silence

Bury deep

all of the noises inside of me

Lay to rest the stirrings

that only serve to confuse

like a lit fuse…

trailing off past a horizon’s threshold of sight

waiting breathless

for the flash of light

the burn to ignite

delayed in deliverance

but not denied…

what must come next.


    “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” – Thomas Aquinas
God Bless


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