Is it comfort enough to know

That someone gets you?

That out of many

A chosen few

It’s in the one on ones’

That we see You

Is where we find You

Where we hear You

Curiously enough…

Usually after not trying so hard to

Drawing a crowd

Does not impress You

I AM…You

You are in us

Look upon not I’s

But by Your grace alone

See Your Son living in us

When applauses fade

And finger snaps ebb

abatement of half-hearted,


repetitious murmurings

hallelujahs amens

The evidence is clear

Of what has passed through

Unaffected, unmoved, unchanged

And whom have drawn near

What stances remain staid

As in steadfast



Set apart

By plan and purpose

For a future day


Though cleansed

Without spot or blemish

There remains…

The stain of “fear”

The stain of “trembling”



Mysteriously apparent


Voluntarily embraced

Not so much enforced…

But submissively maintained

In the perpetual breaking

Just growth

Not pain

Sifting through the dross



Discovering, uncovering


How can this be?

If known

From one day to the next

That unraveling mystery

Only leads to greater mystery

And the very place we stopped and stood in defiance

Albeit reluctantly…

Is the very site

Of a brand new step

After a deep breath

As a walk unfurls a path before us

Once again…

From the point

Of where we had strayed


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