Passed Around, Passed Over, The Lord’s Hot Potatoes

Discouraging words from lifesaving stations

Turned away in a manner without manners

To speak of

Labeled on sight by appearance

Categorized and filed under deficient

The Lord sees the hurt

He feels the pain

knows what is required

Goes straight to the hearts in the matter

with lazer pinpoint surgical accuracy

He teaches…through it all

class is in session

The world’s surgeons are academically trained

Some gifted

Some grifted

Some so compromised, complacent, indifferent

Mammon serving fixated and profane

See only potential financial liabilities

Instead of opportunities…burdens


Deep within, the tumor grows as precious time lapses

Past the point of timely intervention

Is it suicide,

To have tried,

And been discriminated against…discouraged?

Is it pride to just be weary?

There’s been talk of retaliatory repercussions

But that is just not our way

Ahh…but the receptionist,

A joy, light-hearted!

My wife and I shared some laughs with her

While waiting

Then there was the calamitous consultation behind a closed door

But before we departed…

Finished what had been started before being called in

A promise made was kept

A promise to recite a poem, which only made her laugh even harder

For a kind woman who tended to us lovingly

Oh if only you could have seen the glow in her eyes

And the joy she received graciously

the surprise she could not disguise (precious)

Heading home…

We both realized she was the entire purpose of this visit

An encounter she is not likely to soon forget

We thought we were going to a Doctor

A much vaunted of high repute Professional

top of the top, cream of the crop, world reknown and respected

but in actuality…

we were simply the vessel/vehicle

by which a True Physician…

deigned to make a very intimate, personal “house call”

To one of His flock.

(*The Doctor in question…

much like the other “nine lepers”

Like Cleopas and the “other” guy on the road to Emmaus…

Like “The Rich Young Ruler”

all unnamed…

Symbolic…but otherwise irrelevant to the parables)

“…God is no respecter of persons

Acts 10:34


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