24 hr. piece

“Given over”

Romans 1:24-32 

It’s a depth sentence

Riptides grasping ankles

And being torn from shallow to deep 

useless to attempt to resist

to swim in one direction

while pulled in another

better to preserve energy

until the undeniable pull abates 

It’s sink or swim

By knowledge or instinct

Reverting to childhood protections in desperation

“…I pray the Lord my soul to keep” 

While being “Life” preserved
in prayers answered
painful though it may seem

It’s a new direction frightening, mysterious…

A distant shore on the horizon

Beacons of light dance

In gems and pearls of shimmering delight

Reflected in peek-a-boo daylight

As clouds pass by in rapid succession 

Not left behind

But taken forward

Bathed in new sight

No longer blinded 

It’s a comfort in distress

The calm in the center of a storm 

Gripped by a current irresistible

Deposited gently

In coves serene

Only panic can bring

An outcome of dire extremes 

Taken out of the world

For seconds like days

Back in the womb

For a time of healing

Safe and sound

Bliss renewal


“Given over…”


Never beyond reach!

Even unto grace for tyrants
if they would only humble themselves
Daniel 4:34-37
As did the Ninevites also.

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