After Malta…

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Went off like a rocket
hit a ceiling
arched then spiraled
back to the ground
Imbedded in soil
forsaken talent
 Time capsule
lost for years
long forgotten
then found
There’s an urgent pressure to learn
a fervent desire to teach
there’s urgency to reach
for what had ever seemed beyond reach
There’s a pressure to speak
but without Love patience and understanding
a teapot’s whistling screech
is nothing more than a senseless act upon senses
pummeling the deaf
triggering hidden defenses
with pressure of speech
in wasted breath
A damaged shield is useless in a time of war
reflexive responses animate sleep-walkers
shake off the dust
sleeping Saints awaken
the avante garde
  fortify defenses
Between in and out
a void
a journey
a walk
a sojourn
above atmospheric pressures
or heated below inches of mercury
What is hermetically sealed in a vacuum
vaporizes impurities
the deeper the pull
the more effective the catharsis
Stood by idly
as they stoned Stephen
Self glorified shameless enabler , complicit co-conspirator, by-standing, coat-hanger tree
 only the Lord can make a Paul
out of a Saul of Tarsus
Three days in Syrakousai
a seaport for transition
at sea level
a temporary place to rest
before proceeding northward
where destiny awaited
in obedience
to a complete submission
Reflections of determination
in those eyes
must have been
And unmistakably from a “such as these” misguided 
To that of a man on a mission Divine
No time for serpents
while there yet remains the Kingdom’s work to do
Leave it in the ruins
let it all lay in tatters
joyfully count it all as loss
Only doing God’s will matters.

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