“Can you hear me now?”

Attempting to find self
seeking to be enlightened
Deep hurt left you feeling let down abandoned
Not just running scared and “from” but in rebellion
Consorting with witches, druids, cults

Defensive, repelling
pushing back against no resistance
falling under your own momentum

Here’s a little secret
i couldn’t discern
from tainted voices
but learned by being guided
by better voices
who walked unashamed
in better choices and felt no need to hide it

“you gotta’ lose self…

to find it”

but ya’ can’t just do it on your own

doesn’t work that way

there’s only one…




(OH no…
Who wants to hear this again…shut up!
it can’t possibly be that simple!)

(Let’s have a dialogue…)
Off and running…
here we go!!
you’ve begun a walk
but you just don’t know

A good work in you
has begun
and HE is ever Faithful
to see it through

Son-light increase

You’re holding a scholarship now
He’s paid in full for your in-tuition

Like a beaten down tamed bull in a china shop, meek till a passing car back-fires and you take off like a shot !
Under slow rotating prisms mirroring false lights, clutching crystals, pyramids, tokens, talismans
artificial, self induced, ingested love fest of ecstasy

The pounding beat inside your head
hips gyrating in a fellowship of damnation

Misery, self-mutilating, the cutter’s cuts, classic case, classic symptoms, escapism
Existential gentle murmurs, metaphysical, holistic, chanting, incanting, droning into shifting consciousness’ borne aloft in spirit, transcendental
tarot cards
crystal balls
palms read
psychic hotline
lifeline disconnect

out of body…
(“when you see the abomination in desolation”- let the reader understand)

The time is near…
The Kingdom at hand!

Gods of earth and nature
false white light
seekers of truth
headed for catastrophy

maybe too late
out of time
He walks among us
and is calling
like never before

It’s in the air
on every breath


this pull
this thirst
this call to awakening
Resonating in us all

Bristling with energy and light
Pain and suffering
purging us
tempering steel

What’s left after the pain and sorrows ?

Standing at ground zero, feeling like the last person on earth
When you’ve withstood every blow
back in searing pain from the enemy’s poison darts and arrows
when you’ve endured against all odds…
you must ask yourself…

HOW Can This Be … ?

WHY … ?

As you/we slump to your/our knees
awash in these anguished cries

Off frequency
out of tune
the message got garbled by atmospheric conditions,
between cell sites, lofty high towers
false repeaters signals
through a tempestuous
gauntlet of
money changing
grabbing hands
ritualistic, customs, traditions, churchianic overload !

You had to move
out of a…


Die to self in order to Receive

New life springs from seed out of a dark fertile silence
reaching to light
shedding a husk
You’ve got four bars now
and a full re-charge
A ringtone’s lilting melody
breaks the silence
A text message
comes through”call on ME” don’t worry about a bill
the charges have  already been reversed”
“I loved you first”
And always remember…
“when the world hates you,
that they hated me first”
I have “living water and Bread of Life”

To quell hunger and quench your every thirst 

So now you make an overdue transatlantic call
to an estranged friend

“Hello…can’t believe it’s really you
been so long since I had someone
I could really talk to”

“Yeah…well it’s good to hear you too
sorry about the way things went down”

“It’s forgiven…water under the bridge, done deal, nuff’ said”

“Well um…been clean for quite a while now and I was thinking, maybe I could help you?

Have you considered Jesus He’s changed my life, I can’t begin to tell you how much”

“I’m so glad you called, don’t know how you got my number, don’t even care…I’m all ears now

Don’t know what happened
or how…

but yes,


God Bless

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas-
God Bless




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