Nothing left to say

Was what it was

And the “is what it is”

In the “Now”

Yet remains


A bit cliche’


In the ruins of ancient Temples toppled

Serenity found

Footprints impressed upon settled dust

Sites preserved

Broken weapons of destruction rust


Where foolish men

Laid bloodied hands on lands

Toiled and sweated

And structures emerged


All relinquished and replaced

By housing for crosses

Around necks of Temples

Etched upon lifeless hearts of stone

Masonic and devoid of Grace


Assembly forsaken

Scattered to four corners high and low

Churches walk among us

Lost, confused…

Seeking Churches to belong to


He said:

“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up”

He said:

“Go to the temple and show yourselves to the high priest”

Only one of ten understood

And turned on his heels to fall at His feet


We still seek without knowing

Well meaning volunteering “counsel without knowledge”

We walk without “going”

Prey while praying

Say nothings worth saying

In silence receiving

Actions the only evidence of obeying


Staunch atheistic cynics loiter outside mental health clinics

Awaiting receipts for rebellion’s remittances

Hands extended out  

Pacing impatiently…

In anticipation of long overdue unholy wages earned

Endless dubious philosophies and perspectives

Ending in …imists

In fogs un-lifted

Through bogs miasmic, torpid and asphyxiating

Pretenses of patience

In games of waiting


In our “being”

Ill at ease

Restless un-stilled

Impure while un-sifted

Recklessly free-willed


The chosen elite

Survey from on high

Those on the bottom

Somehow conveniently forgetting to remember

What was forgotten or why?


Violently awakened by tremors and night sweats

Breaking surface sputtering for breath

At first…

The Light hurts the eyes

Once acclimated…

The heretofore storm roiled ‘SEE’

We sought to escape

Reflects the heavens

As if…

A sea of mirrored glass un-enleadened


And we can now climb ladders into wellsprings in peace

Welcomed back like Prodigals

Among those chosen first

To be last

From the least

Given a most befuddling, mysterious,

unlikely place of honor

Once all trials and tribulations have ceased

Like Abraham unto Lazarus

Welcomed at the Lord’s feast.


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