Unpaid Forward


Heard your cries kid

Answered your call

You wore a robe full of holes

Came to assist

Couldn’t pull you out

Only sink deeper

When you resist

Love had arrived

But you were too taken

By a façade of false light

Courtesy of the father of lies

Your first instinct denied was right

Could have chosen faith

You trusted in sight

Love wears no disguise

Offered you a banquet

Preferred to regress

Eat yesterday’s cold vomit

Instead of today’s grace

Not time yet…

Though very near to you

Awaits an open book test


There’s another cry in the dark

To which I must attend

Already known, the outcome

Just as you don’t know it yet

Won’t know any time soon

The visitation…

To which you must one day acknowledge and attest

For a time…

Things will remain the same

But the day will come

Though the choice be thine own

After that day…

You will be unable to proclaim

That you called…

And I never came

Verily I say…

I sent a faithful servant

Who honors my name

You took what was freely “given”

And tried to use it for selfish gain

Such a shame

Could have been a much shorter journey

I had a better plan for you

With much less pain.



One thought on “Unpaid Forward

  1. The flesh response beautifully portrayed. And the Visitor comes back time and again with the same beautiful bouquet.

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