Beautiful Loss

Losing faith

going insane

losing self

but not for detriment

indeed…for gain

nectar derived from fruits

pressed by pain

startled by the sudden visitation unannounced

in declension kneel

everything in grasp tumbles out

and disappears…

I raise my emptied hands to You

like a child filled with wonder

reaching for the moon

and they are filled to bursting

oil, flour, fish and bread in a manna worthy of speaking

can now speak with an authority granted, given, not taken

of a grace…

more than sufficient.




The Long Way Home

Live the lore for kinfolk

be as a sword drawn from a cornerstone

dream dreams within dreams

be the “heat of passion”

let love turn frigid waters to steam

concepts empowered into actions in purposeful locomotion

take in deeply the sights and sounds

the salt to be found

by shores in visions

of a mystical see

be a poster boy or girl

not for failure or disappointment

but faithful, purposeful perseverance in gracious, grateful, determinations and devotions

be the imagery sought after for inspiration hidden within us all

in deepest sorrows…

be not among those buried but burrow deeper still…

to find hidden treasures, joys, rejoicing

and rediscover the lost inner-child once abandoned

the carefree, fearless, innocent, laughter we knew and owned

be present…

be a light that shines for all

give all you have to give selflessly

in the hear and know

all that is clung to zealously…

trust enough…

“be prepared”

to let go

the only things ever lost of any consequence

are the lessons left unlearned


home is not a place

home is bereft of walls

nothing whatsoever to do with portraits, paintings, plaques, note-worthy accreditations of standing

hung on display in halls

home is within and imprinted by fire Divine

upon our hearts in bold

and permissions…

by mercy, grace and belief

have been granted by a King

to “love one another…”

as He loved/loves us…

so should we…

“love one another “

do this…

and never ever be “homeless”

though the swelling numbers of those lonely forgotten

head-hung remorseful silhouettes imprisoned whether justly or not

yet learning to be thankful
in all circumstances

pale in comparison and are dwarfed by those who walk among us

blind, oblivious to truth, lost, disillusioned and deceived

yet all of us free…

to never lose hope

of one day being summoned to a path

that leads…

to the true definition

of “home”