Legally separated

Not for everyone

This role

This time

Baffling and sublime

Yet clear as days


Majestic mountains revealed

As the Son melts away clouds in ‘I’s

Brings clarity…

From out of a daze


What then shall we say?

When we knew not

How could we have so blindly proclaimed?

It was something felt strongly

But before we learned that feelings mislead


If His True Voice be heard

There would exist no doubt

Could never be forgotten

Might buckle knees

 Cause an involuntary warm trickle down a leg

Before the realization sets in

Settles into that blissful place…


Don’t dare say you’ve heard

Like so many have

Making fools of themselves

And dishonoring Truth

Speaking contrived gibberish

And calling it “tongues”


Believe only in the living proof

The imprint that remains

Of footsteps walked

The evidence clear

Not only that He came and saw

That He is everywhere all at once

But present “NOW”

Right here!


He is “I AM”

For all us

But not everyone believes

Though seeds be sown

Some shall flourish

Where planted grow


Some shall wither and die

Scattered into desolation

Wind blown

Departed from grace

Though Created



And like so many characters in cherished biblical parables of Jesus

Their fates not revealed

Their paths questionable

The outcomes…



Matthew 7:23-“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”



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