As It Comes…


The hours wane

The angels depart

There’s a verse approaching kicking up a cloud of dust

Excited breathless and incoherent as it nears

Upon arrival words spill forth

Pleasant surprises never ceasing to amaze

This will be honed, fine tuned into a sound

Perhaps spoken…

There’s no telling

There’s no knowing

There is a stream

There is a flow

In which effortless to find rest and dream

Days of hard labors have lapsed

It is effort enough to breathe

Falling behind…

Reluctant to keep pace even if able to

These surroundings familiar…comforting…soothing…pastoral…restive…

They move on ahead rushing headlong

Fading into the distance

Contented here yet weary

Nothing is missed, all is more than ample

Home is within…at peace…is not a place

Always home

Always home

Always home

You in me

I in You


I love You

And I thank You

For loving me.

(This might be a poem maybe…just maybe? 🙂



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