We are always running

We are either running to

Or running from

Being still…in the world

Made to be near impossible without help

We run errands

Cash registers


Run machines

Run drugs

Run prisons

Run numbers

Run words in run on sentences

We make soul ties

Living lies

Tendrils unseen attached spinning webs

Get tangled up before we know it

The enemy closing in for the kill at his leisure

We are made into feasts for beasts

By overlooking…while looking

Wanting the most

While neglecting the least

The way out for one in despair

Often leaves a wake of devastation for many

The “mover” unaffected

The “moved” paying the fare 

Mistaking obedience to instinctive primal survival instincts

For truly living…

Takers being taken, on the take, forsaking…

What was “given”

A bee-line

Make a “run” for it

Up the hill

To the cross

Run to…Him




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