There is an undeniable nerves grating cacophonous disharmony while each individual member of an orchestra are fine tuning instruments in their respective disciplines all at once. Indeed an assault on the senses! Ah…but when the “Maestro” steps up to lead it is a well orchestrated symphony!

But oh, how The Father can take all of our diverse uniqueness, our very weaknesses and brokenness, fine tune us to play a significant role in His plan and purpose by His Will alone…in a symphony Divine!

The Composer near…very near.

Playing the tiniest violin
when faces turn and laughter abounds
A sad little tune as people point fingers
And scoff at the minute whine
But this song is not for them
It’s a Calvary song
See surprised and blank stares
Mouths agape
The band leader is here
And brought the trumpets
And drums with Him
Mighty is the sound
It shakes the very foundation
Feet rest upon
The woodwinds blow down
Trees rooted in the cold dark ground
The strings stroked by bows
Snap off puppets as they topple
Into the open earth
Returned to their master
Oh yes, the world’s tiniest violin
Only for a composer’s ear

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