You Rang..?


Don’t dangle a lure intrepid Christian

If you’re not prepared for what might bite

You may “need a bigger boat”

Don’t be angry when someone brings you de-bate

You posted a topic…

You posit questions…

And eyes’ came to answer

Don’t be shocked and full of self-righteous indignation

If it doesn’t mesh with your agenda

Don’t stray, foray, beyond rank and station

Know yourself

Know your place

Everyone has a role to play

Be contented with what has been given

Don’t shake a tree

Only to be startled by what may fall upon your head

“Be Prepared…”

Consider this for example:

Even rotted fruit did not grow to be fruit…

by mistake.


One thought on “You Rang..?

  1. Wanda-Ann says:

    I love this. I love you honesty and how you express it in your writing. Looking forward to read more. Awesome!

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