Pessi-Optimist II

Onboard with the “so be it’s “

Of late not giving a damn

Sunken into deep depressions left behind by…

Too few and far between kindnesses

Mostly harsh, distracted, self absorbed, unreachable

Trust is hard to give and much harder to find

Far from a cynic…

Further still from pessimist

But it seems to outweigh

It seems to be more readily accepted as the temperate clime

But facts are facts and the evidence is clear

Of the impending juggernaut, inexorable, clichéd…

 being seined by the proverbial times

To get to “there”

One must wade through a whole lot of Now and hear

In the process grow stronger or collapse?

Fold or persevere?

And just when one thinks they’ve gained some sort of higher advantage…

The irony sinks in as the downward slide yet again begins in earnest

Find oneself meditating under a torrential earthly reign

Eyes scanning desolate plains

Where is the Son?

Knowing the answer…


Cleaving to Truth

Saturated in blood

of living proof

Doesn’t seem

To ease the pain.




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