Crossing expanses and sailing to the rescue, of dead Men Walking Among Catacombs

Been a lot of things
Worn many masks
Ran with wolves
Hid in caves
Slept with dogs
Got fleas
Rebelled out of sheer boredom
Wallowed in refuse
Cried alone in the dark
Felt the cold’s sting
Through flimsy layers
Of faithless ineffectual prayers
Shuddering, trembling, uncontrollably
Couldn’t keep a job long
Damaged mind
Just a matter of time
Before hearing the same old incessant song
Broken record inside
tick pause tock, tic, twitch, flutter eyelid,
lazy glassy orb wandering aimlessly
In ways I thought I could hide
But somehow it was never meant to be contained
And as those vicious lashes whipped up into a tempest again
Destitution seemed a fitting end
No place for me to find a fit in
Anger, bitterness, resentment reigned
Toxic inhalations of poisons
Conditioned to assimilate my mirrors
No woman
No conquest
Nothing purchased
Nothing sold
No comfort
No gain
Nothing anything material  or fleshy could sustain
I held onto a pathetic imagined fantasy
Never even sure
If You were real or not
How could I have known?
That You were in fact real?
Nothing I’d known could have prepared me
For You
I released it all to You
At the foot of Your cross
You took it all from me without even flinching once
And gave to me wholeness and Love
Here I stand
Slowly arisen by Your strength alone
Right here
Right now
Somehow assured of being fully awake
For the first time
In a lifetime

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