Weathering Heights (Rare Heir)


It is rare


No warmth in a cold unbelieving stare

So indeed…

It is rare

When something heard or seen in a dream

And a prompt accompanies

And a voice is heard

Then shared

Received… in belief… accepted as “true”

It is rare

Such long roads traveled

To get us there

The miracle apparent

Melts cold stares

And tears prevail

When eagles dare

There is a boldness before us

Refreshing, restoring…

That only need be grasped

Hands clasped together

Gather more

Than freed hands

Without guidance

What is rare

Is only rare

Because we have too easily

Accepted the common, mundane, uninspired, routines…

As exceptional

Everyday miracles abound

All around us


In arrival

Without a sound

While standing where feet may have gotten temporarily cold and wet

Remained focused, intent, obedient, Persevered, elevated…

Moved on when it was the hardest thing to do

And a backwards glance over a shoulder reveals where once stood

And others feet along the same path had blistered, seared, despaired

Sunken slowly and drowned

Where once was a puddle

Now stands a lake…manmade




The “Best Friends Ever” Tethered 24/7/365

Diamond in the ruff-ruff-ruff?

I can only speak from my experiences as a dog owner in the South, it seems like hunting dogs are rarely regarded as “pets” but more like “tools” kept locked away till needed, like gardening tools in sheds. Often we see dogs (mostly Labs of all kinds) in the back of pick ups, this really appalls my wife though I kinda’ understand it though I would not ever do the same. These dogs…and my neighbors have plenty of them, they spend their days tied up come hell or high water till needed…neglected except for the too far between food and water refills. These are very common legal and accepted practices in the South. It’s sad, but what to do? Even if one could adopt them all…then what? Southerners do not part with their hunting dogs easily. To call animal control would only be effective if the dog is strayed and off-leash and the outcome most likely would be a kill shelter which are in abundance here. I currently own three dogs, three have passed due to illness and basically old age having lived a full life cycle, three remain. They resided indoors with us and were treated as more than merely pets but more like “family” and quite spoiled:) I understand that this is not the way for all of us and it can be heart wrenching when one of these dogs breaks loose and wends it’s way to us and are fed, bathed, treated for fleas, ear mites, ticks removed etc., but ultimately must be returned to their owners. This has been our experience as dog lovers for the past 13 years of living in the South, a cycle that repeats over and over yet feel helpless to change. Oh yeah…we get a warm fuzzy feel-good to do the right thing but it is so fleeting and depressing to release from temporary rescue such loving creatures in so poor a state. It is frustrating…and I am feeling angry and frustrated by something that has been brought to my attention so vividly but given no answers or solutions to pursue…maybe we can start with one…one at a time…maybe…we’ll see, don’t know but we’ll see.



The Work Place

The Power of His Presence
Bringing Christ To Work
A daily devotion for March 27th
From your friends at
Read: Ephesians 6:5-9
…not in the way of eye-service, as men-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart… (Ephesians 6:6 RSV).
Several times the idea is put forth: never work for men, you Christians; work only for God. You can work under a person’s direction, but remember that you are working unto the Lord, that your daily task is work that He has given you to do, and you do it unto Him. What a glory this gives to every task. If you approach your work like this, you will never have another dull day. You will never be bored stiff with the routine and humdrum of what you have to do if you recognize that you are doing it with the eye of the Lord upon you and with the recognition that one day it will be made open and clear to all whether you did it as unto the Lord or unto men. What are the signs of the failure to do this?

The first sign is eyeservice, which means working only when the boss is watching. When the boss is not there to observe, you quit working. Some years ago I read an account of a foreman and some primitive workers under him. He found that they were afflicted with this disease of eyeservice; they worked only when he watched them. But this particular foreman was the proud possessor of a glass eye, and he found that he could take his eye out of the socket and lay it on a stump where it could watch the men, and they would go right on working, whether he was there or not. But one day he came back to find them all lounging around. He had placed the eye on the stump, but one of the men had found a way to sneak around, come up behind the eye, and put his hat over it so that it no longer saw them. It is that attitude that so widely pervades our society today, the idea of working only when the boss is watching. If you are a Christian, this is forbidden if you want to be faithful to your Lord. Remember, the eye that watches you is not a human eye.

The second sign of failure in this respect is to be men-pleasing. Notice how the apostle is putting his finger on the attitudes that he found so frequently in this relationship of labor and capital. What is being men-pleasing? It is falsely flattering the boss, apple polishing, or playing office politics. It reveals a double heart, the lack of a single eye. It reveals that we are trying to get on by making other people happy but disregarding what God thinks. These are the signs of failure.

Christians are called away from these things. They have no business engaging in these types of activity if they want to be faithful to their Lord. They do not accomplish a thing. They seem to accomplish something, but in the end they do not. Christians are saved from all this if they remember that what they do is the will of God. Paul says that we are to obey our earthly masters in singleness of heart, doing the will of God from the heart. What is the will of God? Your work! The very work you are doing, where you are doing it, with your co-workers, under the present circumstances and conditions under which you have to work-that is God’s choice for you, that is the will of God.

Father, I live before You. There is no area of my life that is not subject to Your gaze and to Your judgment. Grant to me that I correct what is wrong in my own work in the light of this word.