Commodity of Life

Life is a commodity received from the Saviour and Lover of your souls. You thought it was a journey, a passage of time, distance, possessions and people. You are disturbed by mental images that present your sand falling down and through the time-glass. Hear yourself saying “Thank God it’s Friday”? What about the rest? Does it lack opportunity, challenge, adventure or satisfaction? You try serving others…but in the flesh and with duplicity of motives. Sad.

But there is a package out there and bearing your name and waiting to be signed for. Offered by the Greatest One, Jesus, and filled with His eternal closeness, purpose and adventure. No grand and lofty assignment. It works its way into your everyday. You become delighted with the change of focus. You become willing to yield yourself for transformation by the Holy Spirit. You are often surprised with God ordained opportunities to bless and be blessed…perhaps even on a Tuesday.

And bottom line you do not volunteer simply to pamper or proper yourself. You volunteer because your name was put on the package with unstoppable Divine intent long before the foundation of the earth. Take a look at Psalm 40.

(offered by Doug Blair and consistent with Anthony’s last post on honest feeding of the sheep)

One thought on “Commodity of Life

  1. Excellent Doug! Perhaps excellent “even on a Tues”. hmmm?”

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