Had what I thought was a very vivid bad dream?

Lifetimes pass in moments in dreams

Dreams like visions speaking wisdoms in tongues undecipherable

Waking to realizations…revelations

Interpretations hind-sighted

But not during the being of, in that other state

Helpless, powerless though aware

Restrained in muteness and blank stare

Why show it at all?

Why ask why?

Something was just taught

Something was just learned

Too many things all at once

How to pick and choose?

Which lesson mattered the most?

Lived them all and lost in paid consequences,

See them clearly now

The subtle manipulations, the pitfalls, snares and trapdoors

Revisited in visions and dreams

How Teacher teaches always at work in us

None of it is an end for us by any means 

As long as we remain in Him and He within

There is always a way out of the fire

And through the pain…

We can learn to count as loss,

All that we ever thought we knew for sure

Just like Paul

And from out of our blindness

Be delivered into light

To clearly see

The losses…

Were never on a par, not even close…

With the hidden gains.



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