It’s Not There (“why seek ye’ the living among the dead?)

What was lost…

What was sought…

What seemed safe and secured…

Proved out to be just pretentious, gawdy, store bought


One would have to have once had it

In order to have lost it

Not bones to be picked

Not ours to bury

Not a relic imposed into an altar

Not frozen religion on a stick


Not a single chance of chance

No luck to give credence to

The earth is ever moving

Standing still…is still moving


Yet what we seek after are creature comforts?

A haven on solid ground?

Ere’ the foundations were set…

He loved us first


The spirit moves

The spirit resounds

The inspirations…

Divine and not simply muses

In fables to be found


The “just cause”

In all causation

Confounded…is where we find Him

Not in attempting to “know”

(“what good is knowledge without wisdom?)

But only in learning to let “go”


The slightest sneeze is breath released

Not meant to be held

That we never owned

Something always moves unseen

Even in wisps of breezes


Is not a “wisp” more than nothing?

And “nothing” is all that we own without Him


“In Christ alone, our hope is found…He is…”


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