(based on Matthew 13:45-46)

great price

To the world…

We will always be who we were and what we did

By grace alone…

We are who we are and what we do

Some semblance of evidence remains to the contrary

If over-analytical in focus

Trust seems to be the greatest challenge

Feet get dirty and footsteps leave a residue

That can’t be helped…

Not on our own

But with the help of a “Helper” to see us through

Seeing is believing

But believing without seeing

Is the greater virtue of the two

Faith is hard to come by or even come to

But once arrived at…

Too precious to ever risk to lose

A pearl of great value

That eclipses all other gains

And all that ever mattered so greatly

Diminishes in importance

Till none of the latter remains

And this pearl…

This precious life…

The ultimate Holy sacrifice

Is a mystery to us in many ways

But this pearl…

And only this pearl

That has paid the ransom for all at great price

And holds the keys to a kingdom

That one day comes to knock upon the door to our hearts

Has a name

Many in fact.



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