The “Best Friends Ever” Tethered 24/7/365

Diamond in the ruff-ruff-ruff?

I can only speak from my experiences as a dog owner in the South, it seems like hunting dogs are rarely regarded as “pets” but more like “tools” kept locked away till needed, like gardening tools in sheds. Often we see dogs (mostly Labs of all kinds) in the back of pick ups, this really appalls my wife though I kinda’ understand it though I would not ever do the same. These dogs…and my neighbors have plenty of them, they spend their days tied up come hell or high water till needed…neglected except for the too far between food and water refills. These are very common legal and accepted practices in the South. It’s sad, but what to do? Even if one could adopt them all…then what? Southerners do not part with their hunting dogs easily. To call animal control would only be effective if the dog is strayed and off-leash and the outcome most likely would be a kill shelter which are in abundance here. I currently own three dogs, three have passed due to illness and basically old age having lived a full life cycle, three remain. They resided indoors with us and were treated as more than merely pets but more like “family” and quite spoiled:) I understand that this is not the way for all of us and it can be heart wrenching when one of these dogs breaks loose and wends it’s way to us and are fed, bathed, treated for fleas, ear mites, ticks removed etc., but ultimately must be returned to their owners. This has been our experience as dog lovers for the past 13 years of living in the South, a cycle that repeats over and over yet feel helpless to change. Oh yeah…we get a warm fuzzy feel-good to do the right thing but it is so fleeting and depressing to release from temporary rescue such loving creatures in so poor a state. It is frustrating…and I am feeling angry and frustrated by something that has been brought to my attention so vividly but given no answers or solutions to pursue…maybe we can start with one…one at a time…maybe…we’ll see, don’t know but we’ll see.




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