Harvest Time-By Jody S.

Slither out from under the rocks that bore such grubs

Walk amongst the righteous on legs of hollow bone

Borrowing a dime for pockets overflowing with images of dead men

Armies of sunken eyes and grasping withered hands beg to be fixed

Buildings of ghosts left as reminders of prosperous times

Sins overshadow these spirits all but forgotten except by One

Faint hoof beats in the distance should be warning enough for fools

Rulers of ego, desperation, entitlement, and lies flee while still able

Yet the roots keep them bound in rotting carcasses of diseased limbs

Rivers run red from the cleansing of His swords

Arms extend with steel as rotten fruits are severed from the earth

Harvest time for a terminal crop to be resown with His nourishment

(Red River-By Andrea Rocha, Deviant Art/Red River)

red river



One thought on “Harvest Time-By Jody S.

  1. Mans best moulders. The wrath of the Lamb obliterates all the nasties. Transitory gets plowed aside for eternal. Images to think on way more than once Jody…Doug

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