Arising within

Something old…


It still brings me to tears even now

After the passage of so many years

To speak this way with You so at ease

No one but You can see where i’m hidden away

Though heart, hand and pen betray my privacy

And if anyone is listening…

Reading, following along this trail of moist mystery

Streaming down a page like a clue

This is how i’ve learned to speak with Jesus These thoughts could be prayers…

Don’t know?

Can’t say?

All i can be certain of is this:

Right “Here”

Right “Now”

Is simply where i begin to shed all layers of “self”

To be…

With You.


(“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”) – Thomas Aquinas


One thought on “Retreat

  1. Really good one. Gets somewhere close to the rest made to appear so wonderful in Hebrews 4. Plus a beautiful remembrance of Mepkin Abbey serenity. Thanks AG..

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