Point EHHH? To BE!


There lies a great chasm between tolerance and welcome

The first is something we can easily be deceived into believing is the same as the second

Intolerance while misguided is more sincere and honest than a pretentious tolerance

While “going along to get along”

Can one sincerely welcome another while intolerant of them?

And can welcoming someone under the pretense of tolerance be of any good use?

We tolerate the bitterest of medicines when we know that it is beneficial to healing do we not?

We welcome the healing and bury the memory of the bitterness

Until we become ill again…

And then the dread of bitterness returns…

But so too the “welcoming” begins to seep in

The relief is often well worth the pain, anguish and bitterness that precedes it

It is in our nature to be suspect of the welcome

Whether it be in our welcoming or being welcomed

There always seems to be a price to be paid

It has already been paid…

But egos rebel against what’s already been done for us

When the battle has already been won

We seek ways to improve upon it

Before we’ve even truly accepted it…

By the way this way of thinking is pure folly

And…you’re welcomeJ


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