JEWELS (Eres Tu’)

You are His…
That much is clear to discern and cannot be denied
You are called to serve
One of His own no doubt about it
But you are like a nagging itch that must be scratched before relief can be found
You are like a hemorrhoid on a hemorrhoid
A whitehead on a sore pimple
Your words are like nails on a chalkboard
Your approach, your reproaches, cringe causing
And yet somehow it all makes sense
You’re the very essence of irritant
The catalyst…
That causes the pearl to form and you don’t even know it
The super-human obsessive clutch that causes a diamond to form
You are the proverbial “pain in the ass”
you are the blessed saltpeter to a guilt ridden Priest’s lustful thoughts
You walk through life with a thumb up your ass
and with the other hand give thumb’s ups
Yes unwittingly…
you serve His plan and purpose
You are in for a shock…
When you awaken to realize
You’ve been hitting the nail on the head all along
And realize Who has been supplying the nails
And whose hammer has been loaned to you
Off will come the blindfolds
When you’ve come full circle
When you’ve stopped pricking others and causing bleeds
When you’ve finally pinned the tail on your “self
You think you have arrived
So self assured,
But in fact,
Your  Damascus Road encounter yet looms…

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