A Friend who has a read on me…and can feel my pulse from afar

Genesis and Vitae of Vain Imaginings to what end?

Between Alpha and Omega…

Myths, legends, folk lore

Mighty and meek

Stoic and tongue and cheek

Tranquil waters and being up a creek

This comes by way of a friend

A thought relayed from hand to hand

A race to run…

Through streets of sand

Familial strangers are we

To each other

But misfits in a foreign land

Twisting words into knots

Word play as sword play

Cuts no more no less

Whether spoken or as abstract ink blots

We seem to communicate

Though it was not always so

We commiserate and suffer well the suffering

Before learning to let go

And for all of our clever little musings recorded for posterity’s sake

None of it at all,

Does a wise man make

What is caught in the streaming rapids

is deposited in great lakes

Upstream to die go we with all that is at stake

When the time arrives

Nothing of anything is ours to take

But words can mean so much

Words can do what deeds cannot

“only say the word…and I shall be healed”

And it shall come to pass

“Let there be…”

And there was/is…

So much power in so few words

And all of these words…

So feeble in The Presence of…

But I could not stop…

But to keep trying…

To keep seeking…

To keep crying out…

Not even if I wanted to and neither could you

And neither of us wants to…

truth be told

Grateful are we to behold

one sent…

who sees through the veil

through abstract, cryptic, outrage, puzzle pieces

finds Waldo

finds a sage in between every page

sees clearly

and clearly conveys

By grace, through the camouflage you espy

There by grace sees “eye”


To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” – Thomas Aquinas
God Bless


2 thoughts on “A Friend who has a read on me…and can feel my pulse from afar

  1. Yep gotta watch our paddling up a creek. Many pulpits and commentators would miss the fragrance of Jesus for all those gnatty issues of more or less distraction. Simply haven’t spent enough time around Him.

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