Stopped Caring (revised)


Say what you will
Do what you must
it’s a feeble push,
without any thrust
It’s a waste of time
It’s a waste of breath
It’s living water
In shallow depths
Dust hydrated, animated…momentarily
till the coming famine and drought
It’s iron on iron
Petrified in rust
It’s the towel thrown in
It’s out for the count
It’s the last leg wobbling
It’s going under
Quicksand’s deadly grip
It’s the dark ash on a forehead
A cross of soot
Trampled underfoot
Everything seen obscene
Everything worth seeing unseen
Makes me want to shout…
I’m tired…
And I don’t give a shit who knows it
With no right to complain
Not entitled to gain
Still I weary of all the games
A lost cause without a name
With no one but myself to blame
Take me out to sea
One last time
Spread and sprinkle my ashes
Where I once felt alive
Then run…
run like bloody hell!
Distance yourselves’
from how “carnal” this sounds
and revisit hypocrisy still alive and well
Oh, how un-Christian this so-called believer be!
tell me what you see…
what you hear
expose me,
invert me,
love me…with truth
in a tough “Way”
let it be as smelling salts cracked open beneath nostrils
reviving breath again
no matter how much it “hurts”!
Been down this road
one too many times
to cave…
because of anything
the world does
or anything the world says…
Bring on the blunt object
let the bludgeoning begin
You will tire
you will wane
faint and expire
long before…
This resolve gifted unbeknownst which i’d been “hard-wired” for will
I’ve seen it happen
borne witness
so many times
for so many decades
to simply be relegated to coincidence
it’s heady…
learned much
been told to “be prepared
Even though i heard this clearly years ago
still know…
 despite my best efforts
without Him
i’ll never be  ready.


Oh precious Holy Lord

I am beset…

from all sides!

If I be truly yours,

please save me




To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”
– Thomas Aquinas

God Bless


Thanks for passing this secret on Doug…Awesome! And then some!!

Gloria (U2 song) – Wikipedia

The chorus “Gloria in te Domine / Gloria exultate” translates to “Glory in You, Lord / Glory, exalt [Him]” with “exalt” in the imperative mood, a reference to Psalm 30:2 (in te Domine, speravi). … The song also references Van Morrison’s 1964 love song “Gloria.”

It was always a mystery to me why the unbridled passion in this U2 offering would often bring tears to my eyes…I know why now. Praise be to God!

A Psalm Before The Storm

How shall I praise thee Lord?

Not proficient in either lute nor lyre

There is a slow burn within me

As if warmed by a cozy fire

It appears and draws near

Sometimes distant and I feel the cold,

When overwhelmed by fears

I pray when prompted

Pray when it is the last thing I want to do

Find strange comfort in being assailed

More ill at ease when all seems to be going too well

I will praise Thee Lord

In fair and in foul

Praise Thee…

When head spins and body is wracked in pain

When unable to stand

Be at peace face down on the ground

With eyes closed depart…

On journeys with no end and no start

Heart will soar in you…

Surprised and amazed by the miraculous hidden within the mundane

Something a sinner such as I is not accustomed to

How shall I praise Thee Lord?


When submitted…

When accepting…

When releasing…

You are there.