A Psalm Before The Storm

How shall I praise thee Lord?

Not proficient in either lute nor lyre

There is a slow burn within me

As if warmed by a cozy fire

It appears and draws near

Sometimes distant and I feel the cold,

When overwhelmed by fears

I pray when prompted

Pray when it is the last thing I want to do

Find strange comfort in being assailed

More ill at ease when all seems to be going too well

I will praise Thee Lord

In fair and in foul

Praise Thee…

When head spins and body is wracked in pain

When unable to stand

Be at peace face down on the ground

With eyes closed depart…

On journeys with no end and no start

Heart will soar in you…

Surprised and amazed by the miraculous hidden within the mundane

Something a sinner such as I is not accustomed to

How shall I praise Thee Lord?


When submitted…

When accepting…

When releasing…

You are there.



One thought on “A Psalm Before The Storm

  1. A relaxed approach…like breathing. Not much of the groaning or writhing that often frightens away hurting seekers. James Robison always used to talk about crawling up on Papaws lap.

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