a bird landed on my head?

If i’m being completely honest…
how many times have i thought…
“a lot of good this has done for me…?”
even as i struggled to pray
how convenient it seems to forget the times that favor smiled upon me
in the past…
and today?
well today just seems devastatng…
I can’t see past the hurt and pain of now…unbearable!
i’m floundering…
and the cross i once cleaved to
is a garment shrunken to the point of becoming unwearable
this is the best i have to offer right now…
how pathetic?

i was spreading bird seed across the railings of the back deck…
as i do several times of day
and thousands of times before
when suddenly i heard a loud fluttering of wings behind me…
and then..?

in any event i was so startled,
i forgot my misery for a moment
i’ll take that as a sign…
i certainly will:)

(in case your wonderin’…no the bird did not poop on my head…probably deserved it, in fact i’m sure i did…but no:)


4 thoughts on “a bird landed on my head?

  1. http://momentsmidstream.blogspot.ca/2009/05/leamington.html?m=1
    Life and surprise and Sovereign involvement in the birds. Neither the feathered ones nor the Father shall forget you and your feeder stations…Doug

  2. St. Francis, would not have been startled:)

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