Donkey II

He is the Creator
we are His Creatures
we spend way too much time
scrutinizing facial features
Masters and servants
Disciples and Teachers
does it matter who was on top,
at the moment of conception?
The child entrusted to your stewardship now,
hungers for nourishment and direction
Wrested authority is tyranny
and should be rejected
Authority is never taken
only given
Live exactly where you are
to the fullest in Christ
exactly where you are now
some of the most annointed faithful
received instruction while imprisoned
We often miss the message
because the messenger
just doesn’t seem to suit
our expectations
When we contend with donkeys
and fail to ask ourselves…
“how is it that this donkey is speaking?”
We miss the very ONE
we are so desperately seeking.


One thought on “Donkey II

  1. This one jolts into serious thought at many levels. I appreciate the suggestion of speaking/serving where we are. Thanks Bro…Doug

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