Healing: So What Gives, Blair?

“You applaud the messages of A. A. Allan, R. W. Schambach and Oral Roberts. You post videos on You Tube with readings from John G. Lake (he said medicine was God’s sad second best). But then you post a reading from F. B. Meyer that is all about meek submission and acceptance? Are you sucking and blowing at the same time?”

Answer: I have ongoing health issues; so does Hilary. There have been prayers, laying on of hands, scripture promises recited. Little change for some of the things. I believe that we must pay due respect to God’s Sovereign Larger Plan and issues of chastening (Hebrews 12 and 2 Corinthians 11) and Providence.

A friend of mine has experienced extreme pain and torment but sees it all working out now to the feeding and healing of other sufferers who throw up their fists asking, “Why God?”

The life story of India missionary/poet Amy Carmichael speaks for itself. So does the final trek of malaria ridden Doctor of Africa David Livingstone.

Let me add one more story here. James Robison of the Life Today broadcast. Integrity. Clarity of message. Feeding the hungry. The real deal-you bet. Early in his ministry; essentially an orphaned boy preacher going around to high schools and construction sites with messages of faith, power and surprising results. In the early months add an anointing for healing by faith. Things happened. Crowds came. Billy Graham said “this is the next one”.

But then the healings stopped. Completely. James was baffled and prayed repeatedly “Why God?”

One day at an appointment in a high-rise office tower, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to James. “Those healings Son. If they were to continue you could not bear the fawning and adulation. People would climb up the very walls of this tower to get to YOU. But it wouldn’t be to get to Jesus. I promise you, the day will come when you will do more for my Glory and my Church by just sitting in a lounge chair and speaking plainly to my people.”

Part of God’s Greater Plan. Get it?

But you should also keep pleading those promises (Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2). The just shall LIVE by faith.

james and betty



Early 1980’s. Jesus had just become a reality. This music spoke the delights of my heart…Doug

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. (Malachi 4: 2)


The bells of St. Agnes

Now beckon the weak

At Matins

They joyfully toll.

And blocks full of neighbours

Now count out the hour.

The times in His hands

They are told.

The front steps are busy

With feet called to pray,

To plumb from the depths

Of God’s ore.

And hope comes with asking

The broken made whole

The lonely find family

Once more.

Yes, weak, I had mentioned,

The last rings now heard

The doors finally shut

For the hour.

A hearty “good morning”

And smiles all around

And thankful lambs soak

In Christ’s power.

And they have more sense

Than to trust in their stuff

When the riches of grace

Are held up.

Praise the Lord for His Passion

And the sight of His Cross

And the High Life renewed

With that Cup.



Note: Consider the last line. My first draft had the words “in that Cup”. World of difference.

come to gather

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

Ben Hur: Beautiful Gospel Under-current

From an ebook: http://issuu.com/dewane/docs/judah_ben_hur

The timing of this story (made into an epic motion picture) coincides with the earth walk of Jesus. Jerusalem is an unpleasant outpost of the Roman Empire. The inhabitants dream of their promised Messiah.

An old man drifts in and out of the story line. It is inferred that he was one of the Wise Men who visited the Christ child. In later years he is searching for the young man Messiah.

A freak accident places the aristocratic family of Judah Ben Hur in disfavour with the Roman occupiers. His one-time boyhood friend holds the fate of the family in his hands. The decision: Judah to be sent to the coast and slave galleys; his Mother and Sister to be sent to prison and ultimately the leper colony.

A slave’s march takes weary prisoners past a Carpenter’s Shop. The Carpenter takes pity on the chained men and offers drink, Judah Ben Hur included. The Sergeant with whip is incensed and struts over to teach this intruder a lesson. But then there is eye contact. The soldier freezes, stunned and embarrassed. He cannot mete out the disciplne as he gazes upon the face of that Carpenter. The march continues and our hero looks backward, refreshed and renewed, and most thankful for that Man of Mercy.

Providence is kind to our protagonist. In a tragic battle at sea Ben Hur’s ship sinks and he is able to rescue the Captain from drowning. A friendship ensues. Glorious return to Rome. Adoption of “Number 41” by a thankful new father, and more opportunity than could have been imagined.

But the Jew longs for Jerusalem and Home.

In his return trip he meets a fascinating rascal of an Arab horseman, bound for the competition of Pontius Pilate’s Circus. The events of the chariot race have been described in an earlier posting.

Ben Hur’s family estate lies in ruins, but an old household steward and his beautiful daughter Esther have stayed on. Esther provides the love interest. Over the years she has sought out and supported the imprisoned Mother and Sister. She has also frequented the public gatherings of the Carpenter from Galilee. She is fascinated by his ethic and has pledged herself as a follower. But Judah will have none of this. He sees himself now as a spearhead of Jewish patriotism and retribution.

That is…until the Passion Week of the Christ. The Via Dolorosa. The unimagined cruelty of men, Jewish and Gentile. That kind Carpenter with water in that slave’s interlude of long ago! Here! Now the victim of the worst of Religion and Politics. Judah bursts through the jeering crowd with water. Again eye contact. And then Golgotha. A Cross. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Our hero’s family and beloved share with him in this experience. And they watch Kindness submit and die.

Judah’s hatred is broken by the images. Mercy. Promise. Forgiveness. Peace. Lessons in an instant.

And what of the leprous family members? Speaking kind words of the Carpenter. Standing out cold and wet in the terrifying mid-day darkness, rainstorm and earthquake. Blood and water mingling at the foot of a Rugged Cross and flowing everywhere. (1 John 5: 7, 8). Healed of their affliction by Divine Act! (1 Peter 2: 23, 24).

All has been restored.

Watch this, Friends. http://youtu.be/tVlf7OiiTJE

marvelous film of 1959

Point of Combustion

The day will come.
Incontrovertible truth
The messenger’s face
Bright, direct
With sincerity,
And assurance;
The sufficiency
Of Christ.
His noble service.
His victorious ethic.
His blood-letting.
His invigorating Spirit.
The words are
From God;
Seeds of life
Through the ages.
Your arguments
Your idols
Cracked and
Your tradition
The trying moment
Of alloy.
The metal strip
Presented to burner.
Ignited and red,
Rushing to flame?
Flash of light?
Ethereal wind
Or charred and limp,
Refusing transformation?
Lacking the inner
Such a day
Will be yours.
Expect it.
Pray for
Christ’s constitution.
His agenda.
Disparage the
Experiences of
Soiled self.



An “Oldy”…Doug