Feasting By a Well

Have you anything to eat?
(Why do we awaken hungry?)
“Have you any meat?”
“Have you any fish?”
“You…give them something to eat”
(Why are we so hungry and thirsty?)
(do you mean it literally…?)
And what of the meat that you have to eat that you said we know nothing about?
John 4:32
We’re not getting something
He sent us for food
Mid-day heat and glare
And now back, we see
Him chatting with that woman
A Samaritan to boot.
She leaves with new
Quickness of step.
He says He has eaten
And well
Obeying His Father’s will.
And that’s a meal?
But hold on…
We eat to restore a body breaking
To equip for mission
For reproduction
Has He been doing that
Happy and stress-free?
Yep that’s a meal
And a good one.



To have a friend
Who gently checks the pulse rate
And shuts his mouth
When I am prone to rant.
To see his smile
When all inside is ripped up
And know he means it
Even though I can’t.
To hear his word
And know it’s steeped in Christ
Hard come by
Transcending all the pain.
Yes, such a friend
One diamond full
Of scintillating comfort
Is priceless gain.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

Night Before Street Witnessing

Friday night he had taken about a half-hour in prayer: “Lord I am doing this as an offering. Not because you need my input in particular. There are many others. But I sense an urging to represent your Son out there in the everyday, and in the midst of bustling people without any thought of Church. I truly believe that Jesus is most worthy of common respectful discussion in the open streets; not just behind the bricks and mortar of a church. This is the way I will present Him. Conversational. No direct scripture reading. I will have to speak a little slower than normal. The loud speaker distorts things.

I will tell people that I am not out there plugging any particular church. I realize that I might be mistaken for a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon. They seem to be the only ones systematically on the streets. Pity. They have no idea who your Son is. They are earning big blue stars on a big glitzy tally board somewhere. Grace is entirely foreign to them.

I will abbreviate a testimony, and will move right into one of the fascinating stories of Jesus’ kindness and authority by the Sea of Galilee. I desire to show your nobility, courage, compassion and courtesy, Jesus. They have all heard about the blood and gore of Calvary; about the prospect of Hell which results from their basic disinterest as well as from their known wrongdoings. I want to show how you could always identify with the hurt, awkwardness and loneliness, and then offer just the right solution. The people out there will be encountering nothing but strangers who do not want to engage or to consider anyone else’s pain. Society is getting just that blunt and dispassionate.

But you Lord, never change. Send a few tomorrow morning who are ready to make contact.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

Losers …Losers All…

good samaritan

Anthony and I started this collaborative effort last September. We had come to know each other a little bit with our writings on another site. We didn’t always agree and we weren’t always civil with each other. Nope.

The thing started to pick up momentum right about the time AG had heart complications and major surgery. Take a well-travelled trucker, put him on his back with illness and see what transpires?

Christmas season found AG pretty much alone, as his mate Jody was compelled to go out of state to visit her Mother after a considerable gap in their getting together. No problem, Anthony got busy on the Web and our exchanges became very frequent. This is evident at http://twelfthmonth.wordpress.com/

The relationship became much richer for us as we learned of the healthy fare available to men who will simply drop the charade and get honest and transparent and supportive.

Now I find myself alone for a period as my wife Hilary undergoes psychiatric care. I have every confidence that treatment arrangements will improve and that all parties might learn from some shortcomings of the past, professionals included. Hilary will be home, and not too long from now. This is the fourth major episode in the last 13 years. Here in Waterloo the few men in my circle find it difficult to approach my “thrashings”.

I can remember visiting her at the dreadful time of 9/11 and the Twin Tower bombings. She was pretty much isolated from world events in an environment of confused, misunderstood and lonely people. Some proved to be honest-to-goodness caring friends of the time. As I related the phenomenal television images to her, I wondered where the “crazies” really were? On the outside? On the inside? Could I really believe my own eyes and ears as people jumped to their deaths before their fellow New Yorkers? As passengers made bold moves, unsuccessfully, for their freedom in the skies over Pennsylvania?

And this time in my passing perplexity, Anthony has been there for me. Selecting hope and encouragement; speaking and writing words of brotherly kindness and God-honouring submission. That is the service of real men. That is winning in ways never to be lost. And we are given in our pains a place of intercession, resembling in small ways the power and the comfort of the Man of Sorrows and Friend of Sinners. And a hurting world waits for some soothing balm.

Love you Bro’.

John Four and a Thirsty Woman

Each noon for the water
When others were gone
And Jacob’s well good all these years.
Their gossip was hurtful
Could not get along
Alone I addressed all my fears.
The men had been many
Not all had been wed
To me, or to those gone before.
The present one helpful
Perhaps there was love
Provided I cooked, swept the floor.
But here sat a man
And waiting it seemed
And asking me for a cool drink.
And I of Samaria
And he quite the Jew
Oh what would the gossipers think?
He spoke of a water
That never ran dry
That tasted as fresh as the dew.
A strange living water
Relieving all thirst
As if all my past life He knew.
But no condemnation
Just hope in His eyes
And gentle words thrilling my soul
I must tell the others
Could this be the One?
Long pledged to make broken hearts whole?

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

Anthony and His Friend

Special moment out the back porch:

“I was just out back having a conversation something like this: “You walked among them and still many did not believe…the wind picked up suddenly, trees swayed and I just smiled, then cried. it’s a very lonely thing to Love You…I said.”

This is a very special thing about AG. He looks for the presence of Jesus. Often he is not disappointed. And frequently he can let us feel; let us get inside. With things that most others overlook. (Doug)