Eliphaz, Today

There’s something in me
Loves the darkness
And looks with disdain
Upon pain.
Though mercy has
Brightened my pathway
I dare not
Broach suffering again.
And when I see
Someone in sorrow
I’m quick with
The judgment of pride
And Gospel compassion
Goes missing.
A cursed spot
Snarling inside.
You’d think I would
Know so much better
You’d think I would
Summon Christ’s heart.
But flesh will recoil
From the misery.
My flesh still
Enjoys censure’s part.
Oh, could I be
Quick with the comfort
Oh could I, my
Valley recall.
When Mercy looked
Down from the highest
And rescued me
Leprous, and all.

Job chapter 15


Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario


Blood and Water

Aye, there was a death alright.

Sent me back to finish off

The three of them.

Clubbed, smashed legs

For the two rogues.

Breathing becomes impossible.

Third one looked already gone.

They told me He’d been different;

Calm, connecting with some Spirit.

Eyes closed, serene

Like a worker in a well-earned sleep.

He seemed out of place.

Nasty business for One

Who had taught peacefully in town.

So I’m told.

Feeling the ugliness of my job

I thrust with spear,

Bringing on a queer eruption

Of blood and water.

Happens sometimes.

Convulsive internal rupture

Confirming death.

We spared His legs.

Those who remained

Around the cross

Were all in tears.

As if something great had broken

Inside them too.

(1 John 5: 6-8)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario