The Wild Flock


It must be rough

Watching us

In the upward climb.

Heads butt

And feet stray

From the path

You know is best.

And I am in this bunch.

Hazards too many

Because of our stiff necks

And crazy inclinations.

Because of the mean weather

And the skulking wolf.

A friend passed yesterday

We bleated our misery

Missing a member.

Feeling our vulnerability.

But your rod, Sir

And your staff

They comfort me

In strange ways.

And with you

It is mostly sunshine

And that high, lush plateau*

Will be attained.


(*Romans 8: 35-39)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


Destined to Choose

My son Jordan Blair has just posted the following on his Facebook.

Destined to Choose:

Who’s to say which path we take
When fortune gives us choice?
Which the better to forsake
And give the other voice?

Out among the countless stars
Is there our story made?
Or forged below with trials and scars
And unseen hardship borne and paid?

This, the burden of a man
From savage beast, he stands apart
The right to choose at his command
The peril, yet, a broken heart.


Holy Fear

Your very life is in this flock

You cannot come and go

No turning for another path

You need this Shepherd so.

And green may seem some other field

You wonder if to break

Would open grazing glorious

Hold fast, for goodness sake.

The wolf is there and waiting

The hot sun burns the ground

And wretchedness you never knew

Repent and turn around!

And run into His fond embrace

And walk beneath His staff

And treasure, Sheep, His every word

And thrive and grow and laugh.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

John 6: 66-69

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Oh the heart’s desire to be so transparent before the Lover,

the God of all that is, or will be, good, glorious and gainful.

Lay it all…lay it all… in plain view…perplexed heart,

for the grand Clarification.

And He allows His partner from eternal ages past

to leave the throne room for a hasty arrival,

in the midst of beasts in a strange city.

A Mother has graciously heard the offer

and replied, “Be it unto me”.

A Caretaker somewhat baffled, has brought the little family the distance for civic duty,

and has secured a point of arrival,

at last possible moment’s relief.

And the LIFE, the WORD, is translated…

into diapers and a doting little Mother’s embrace.

Did He not make Himself transparent unto you?

Will you now not reciprocate in all humility and trust?

Finding the letting go exquisitely enlightening.

An intimacy that you will never abandon.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario

Pickings at Lunch

Every coin has two sides
just as every story does
and even some faces
heads or tails
it doesn’t matter to the vendor

When a choice has been made
there is no going back
once the selection has been made
the product will drop
and by Grace…
perhaps a little change returned

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina