The Knee Jerk

Psalm 44: 6 For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me.

Trouble comes. The equilibrium is upset. It seems that the “default” is to conclude that I must plow my way out. I despair over lack of resource, allies, energy…whatever.

This is the knee jerk of self reliance. We were to have abandoned this long ago, but the lesson comes hard to the stubborn.

Oh perplexed one, by all means lay out the facts, assess resources at hand and the “climate”, get a decent rest, perhaps talk to a trusted friend, read a psalm or two in order to know that you are in sanctified company.

But then drop that cinder-block anchor out the back of the milk wagon. Go to prayer. Confess your undoubted dependence upon the Lord. Recall his precious former deliverances. Charge your battery with thanksgiving. Ask Jesus to provide some indicators and tell Him that you will proceed upon what you perceive but only for as long as you do not experience a check in your spirit. If the check comes, then repeat the above process. This I liken unto “walking in the Spirit” (Galatians 5: 16)

Remember how the followers of Moses had the assurance, comfort and protection of the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night? They moved when the assurance moved; stopped when it stopped; blew a trumpet (of confidence) for the march. And formidable enemy nations stepped aside.

Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

This song I heard this morning driving to the factory. An old favourite.

The Prayer College

You have come to me with questions,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will provide the answers in a while.
And I’m pleased with you for waiting,
And I’m pleased with you for trusting;
And I know that you are growing through this trial.

You have come to me in peril,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will dispatch the angels to your aid.
And the Enemy will flee now,
And the skeptics all will see now,
And your victory of faith will be displayed.

You have come to me for cleansing,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I know that your repentance is sincere.
Find relief in your confessing,
While the tears bring special blessing;
I forgive you; once again the slate is clear.

You have come to me for guidance,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will disclose the way that you should go.
For you know that I am Wisdom,
And my perfect law is freedom,
And in walking in obedience, you will know.

You have come to me requesting,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I fully see the needs that you now face.
All the olive, grain and wine,
All the silver, gold are mine;
And the gifts will come, according to my grace.

You have come to me for loving,
And I’m glad that you have come,
As I gently draw you to this Father’s breast.
And I cover you with peace now,
And I give you love’s release now,
And you know that in our loving there is rest.

You have come to me for others,
And I’m glad that you have come,
For the Spirit laid this burden on your heart.
And you’re groaning for each neighbour,
Pleading for them my sweet favour,
You are learning now the intercessor’s art.

You have come to me with praises,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And it blesses me to hear you lift my Name.
As you focus on my story,
You will touch my grace and glory,
You will know now and forever I’m the same.

You have come to me in spirit,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I know you utter things too deep to tell.
As you speak in other tongues, child,
Let the Spirit use your lungs, child,
By the Spirit’s interceding, all is well.

You have come to me in silence,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I smile as you are kneeling at my feet.
Are you seeking out my will?
Are you stablished, strong and still?
Oh, this prayer time with you, child, has been so sweet!


Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON


Psalm 57:
3. He shall send from heaven, and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up. Selah. God shall send forth his mercy and his truth.

To expect deliverance from the Heavenlies? The adversary moves in to inflict physical harm, scandal, slander, discouragement, loss. You have canvassed all natural aid, all friends and agencies. Nothing. You utter your desperate prayer. Should have done that earlier, Friend. Perhaps prayer for guidance or patience or restraint. But here you are, in a mess again. (Of course I include myself in this.)

And you launch the petition. And you wait. But something unusual is happening. You know that the Lord, the Good Shepherd has heard; is on the way. You can almost hear his foot treads coming up the path from the direction opposite that of the threatening “wolf”. Are you crazy? What provokes this senseless expectation?

If you have only the practice of form, sippings and taught concepts, you cannot expect this urging of victory. But if you have the DEPOSIT, the New Life within you because of the process of repentance unto life (Acts 11) and the Lord’s merciful impartation, you have the right sort of “craziness” for victory.

Posturing at Prayer! Enough!

I honestly believe that if just ten or twenty people would decide today, commit to a season of private dedicated fasting and prayer that is devoted to, first self-examination and personal repentance, and then, to concentrated and intentional prayer and repentance for the church as a whole and for this nation,  there are any number of potential scenarios we might avert.  It is clear right now America is very vulnerable.  That is what happens when you venture outside of obedience.  You’re on your own out there.  You distance yourself from your Divine Protector, and offend Him to boot!

Christians don’t pray nearly enough.  It took the physical ailments that God has allowed me to suffer, to get me still and prevent me being busy, busy, busy with well-intentioned “doing” so that I might learn that lesson.  And of course there is plenty that needs doing.  But I think America, for the most part, has completely lost it’s understanding of the place and I do mean the critical role which prayer has played in the inception of this nation and all things that have made her great!  I think the discipline of prayer is becoming extinct in America and in America’s churches.  It’s been replaced by vain repetitions, babbling, euphoric “experiences” and “listening into the silence” as well as just noise that attempts to pass itself off as worship.

Taken with appreciation from

and the post “No Turning Back” by Sandra Lloyd.

From the Fish’s Belly

Couldn’t do as ordered

Couldn’t bear the shame

Prophesy their downfall

In Jehovah’s Name.

What if they repented?

Proved that I was wrong?

Not this prophet, never

Then their laughing song.

Hit the open waters

Running from His call

Soon my disobedience

Worked to harm them all.

Stormy waters raging

Ship was tossed and turned

They were all a-quandary

Til my folly learned.

Didn’t want to toss me

Finally they gave in

Served me to the sea god

Justly for my sin.

Barely touched the waters

Came the mighty beast

Took me in my stupor

Lesser than the least.

Am I dead or breathing?

I have been so vain

Might I plead for rescue

Speak your Word again?

Might I know your mercy

Spreads to Ninevah’s worst

Raise me from this sheol

End my guilt and thirst.


“They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” (Jonah 2: 8)

Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario