Today’s Slant

Here’s how I am feeling about the posting process these days. I sent this to Bill over at Unshakable Hope. The man is an inspiration. I intend to treat him as if there is absolutely no personal handicap. His brilliance is often the brilliance of Christ through yet another vessel of clay.

My remark was as follows:

Bill you are part of the reason I blog. Someone who keeps an open ear for additional insight; who remains teachable. That is not to say that I see myself as “teacher” and the readers as “pupils”. I have often said to Anthony Gomez (Salvoes in Faith) that we are all fellow travelers exploring a beach and discovering, quite by Providence, beautiful seashells. We share this interest and delight and the gracious Lord feeds such hunger and curiosity. “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” Today I discover; tomorrow it’s you.

One other comment. Perhaps you feel a compunction to reply to every comment. Don’t do this. It may become banter. Singing to the choir. Better you pour your time and remarkable technology into another hum-dinger of a message…or just simply how you are feeling as one of the members of today’s flock…Doug

Anthony knows something about my change in momentum in blogging. I am under no tight time-table. It is very possible to go on long after the speaker has finished his message. That becomes only an insult to the listeners.

Has there been a lot of production over the past 5 years? Yep.

Four blogs on Wordsmith. Three on BlogSpot. Two sites on Google. One Channel on You Tube. Two Facebook accounts. Participation on three poetry forums. Over seventy-five faith booklets at

I have said it folks. I have nailed my position in Christ soundly to the wall. I will not sing to the choir anymore. If blogging cannot be proved to be a mighty instrument of testimony to the un-saved, then I am moving on to something else with a creative and spiritual legacy well recorded.

And how much of this has really been for me, anyway? Every blogger seeking to walk as Jesus walked must ask such nasty questions..Doug


Peter Went Out

“And Peter went out, and wept bitterly.”

Read these seven words from Luke 22 and realize that they contain the kernel of sanctification.

Peter had had all of this exposure to the power and promise of Jesus but he was still tempted to warm himself in the early morning chill at the fires of the world. Jesus had prophesied his three-time denial and it was happening.

Peter had felt that his loyalty to the Master was unshakable, even to the death. But here he was quaking and swearing before women and strangers that he did not even know the Galilean.

Believer, when Jesus gives you a candid look at the evil still within your own heart, pray that you will have the grace and the opportunity to do as Peter did. It will happen alone. It will be a Godly sort of repentance. It will be a milestone marking supernatural change.

We are never rid of our need for repenting this side of Glory. Keep short accounts with God. In this fashion you allow for the “conscience void of offence”. You may say in all honesty “there is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”.

And what is going on in that world which you are renouncing, that advertised standard that once seemed so seductive? It is still inclined to mock and to crucify Jesus and His “little ones”, and to consider it entertainment. It does this in the face of the following:

Luke 21:

25And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.


Doug Blair, Waterloo, ON

When Our Bodies Are Broken…

I want to bring to your attention a wonderful, hopeful post by Anita Hunt, dated today.

“We struggle to see how perfect and pain can possibly be used within the same sentence, but God meets with us in our pain, and removes the horizon of what we think is possible, for His glory.” – See more at:

Destined to Choose

My son Jordan Blair has just posted the following on his Facebook.

Destined to Choose:

Who’s to say which path we take
When fortune gives us choice?
Which the better to forsake
And give the other voice?

Out among the countless stars
Is there our story made?
Or forged below with trials and scars
And unseen hardship borne and paid?

This, the burden of a man
From savage beast, he stands apart
The right to choose at his command
The peril, yet, a broken heart.


Catch and Release

I thought I got your point

And made it wholly mine

Observed the dangling lure

The shimmering ten-pound line.

I gulped the mouthful quick

And felt it cut inside

Got more than I had planned

Now in for quite a ride.

The hook had other plans

And some might work me ill

A smarty, no not me

A sharp and chastening pill.

That world’s a biggun yes?

And I see but a shade

And all too quickly guess

At things that Wisdom made.

What’s that… I feel a shift

And lesser now the pain

Pass on this humbling gift

And spit it out again.

Pommes de terre

Apples of the earth
Formed from the earth
Adam, common stuff.

Raised from subterranean mounds
Beige, white, red, yellow
All coming to the Feast
Brought from all points
Inca delights
Imported by Sea Dogs
Salvation of Emerald Isle
Several times
Faith ‘n begorrah
Soaked and water baptized
Peeled of rough exteriors
Eyes having little use
Cut and cut again
“Out cursed spot”
Boiled for better
Good measure
Pressed down
And shaken together
To a smooth and homogeneous
Milk of human kindness added
Salt of the earth
Now delicacy of butter,
And on comes the hallowed Feast.
Fully prepared
The Apples of His eye.


Doug Blair, Waterloo, Ontario